About Grid

Grid is a zine and comix fest in Salt Lake City that hosts zine-related events, workshops, and readings, culminating in an annual exhibitor expo each April. We want to bring together folks from all across the city and state (and beyond!) to highlight the diversity of ideas and experiences of zine makers, and to provide a space for this to happen.

Okay, but what is a zine?

Zines are hand-made, self-published, self-distributed publications; they are the grittier, less glossy counter-parts to mainstream magazines. They can be fancy (or not), are usually photocopied, but can also be letter-pressed, silk-screened, risographed, handwritten, etc. Zines are meant to be shared, and as such they are tangible and often cheap. Zines are infrequently profitable.  

Anyone can make a zine, and no skills or special tools are required. Zines form a connection between people, even if it is just for a minute.

About us

We’re a rag-tag group of people who are totally winging it!