April 8th Workshops and Panels

“Salt of Many Colors,” panel discussion with Sara Faulkner and Ali Montgomery

Pillars of Salt is an organization out of Provo, that gives a voice to marginalized individuals through creativity, events, and printing a bi-annual zine that showcases the work of people throughout Utah. We focus on inclusiveness, intersectionality, and Suicide prevention, while having fun! This panel will feature the founder Sara Faulkner, who will discuss the development, growth, and work of Pillars of Salt, along with organizational skills, accomplishing goals, how to reach out to others, and just good old fashioned “getting shit done.” 


Panel discussion with the members of We Are Here

We Are Here is an organization spread across Salt Lake and Utah Country. Our main objective is to increase representation of Women, Nonbinary, and Transgender People of Colour in creative communities. This panel focuses on WNBT PoC involvement of creating zines from the 1970’s to today, the personalization of zines, and a discussion on how to break into a creative community.


“How Our Art Is Liberation: Zines Of Resistance,” workshop with Ella Mendoza

(This workshop is a follow up to the We Are Here panel)

How Our Art Is Liberation is a short intermediate workshop that focuses on utilizing our creativity and our resources to make art as a form of resistance. Zines have always been an accessible art form, and this make them easy to adapt to whatever our needs be, whether it be self expression, education, or more. This workshop will outline different ways that art and illustrations are being used in current political movements, as well as offer the opportunity for participants to create their own zine/stencil.

We will also discuss the themes of resistance as a ways for marginalized communities to have representation, self expression, and tools for liberation.